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Electrofit Your Business for the EV Future


Electric Vehicle Sales

EV Choice provides zero emissions electric trucks, vans, delivery and drayage vehicles. You can stay loyal to your preferred brand while achieving zero emissions! Contact us right away to secure funding

for your fleet.

Vehicles by Lightning E-Motors, Phoenix Motorcars, Motiv, SEA Electric, Hyzon Motors and EVOlectric are currently available to order now. Options from Cenntro Electric Group are coming soon to California! 


Heavy Duty Fast Charging Stations & Dispenser

Electric Vehicle Charging

Part of our EV solutions is to help you with your charging infrastructure. EVC provides Level 2 & Level 3 Charge Stations to allow for fast charging. Purchase your electricity during off-peak hours and get credit during peak hours. Control your energy costs as you take your foot off the gas. California has the funding to make the switch. Be an early adapter and take advantage of available government funding now.

Heavy Duty Fast Charging Stations & Dispenser
Heavy Duty Fast Charging Stations & Dispenser

EV Service & Maintenance

EV Choice is a Certified Service Center with factory-trained service technicians who are skilled in EV diagnostics, maintenance and repair. As California's first 100% zero emissions commercial dealership and service center, we have the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot any challenges that come along.

Compliance Consulting
& Grant Writing

Let’s plan your transition to the future together. As an authorized CARB HVIP Dealer, an authorized consultant to write grants for the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust Funding, an authorized South Coast AQMD Approved VIP Dealer and approved vendor for Energiize, we at EVC will make sure you obtain the maximum amount of funding to cover the costs of your zero emissions vehicles and get funds for the infrastructure to charge them. Purchase zero emissions vehicles and energy on your terms. We are experts with government grants and rebates, and the charge stations we offer are on the eligible list for grants.  When it comes to CARB zero emissions compliance, EVC makes the transition easy!

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