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From Turbo Repair to DPFs
to the Future 


I grew up with a grandfather and father who always had grease on their hands. As a kid, I helped them rebuild turbos for Custom Turbo Rebuilding. I outgrew tinkering in the shop to launching Diesel Exhaust & Emissions in Santa Fe Springs, CA. For over 50 years, our family built its reputation on close relationships, hard work and dedicated professionals fluent in the skills needed to advance the diesel industry. The past two decades brought tremendous shifts in our industry, and we adapted right alongside with it. Our success stems from our ability to modify for modernization. 

With this background, EV Choice launched to take on ever-increasing and changing regulations. Our country is currently undertaking a massive overhaul to create a cleaner system for generations to come. EVC continues to stay abreast offering electric cargo and shuttle vans, zero-emission commercial trucks and EV disposal trucks. Soon diesel fleet centers will be fitted with power chargers, battery walls and solar panels to allow harvesting of your own clean energy, and EVC is your first step. 

Electric Vehicle Choice provides you with expertise in the latest developments. Our company is dedicated to providing all of our customers the ability to conquer the hurdles these changes bring. From government grants, EV programs, zero emissions vehicles and charging stations - we've got you covered.

EVC will guide your company from start to finish. 

What a gift it will be to give the next generations a planet with zero emissions. 


Jeramy Ostrander

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